Welcome to VolunTEAMism

Team Up for A Cause with Team Play USA and make a difference in the community as well as the participants!

About Us

Connect With Projects


Todd & Marsha Davis are pioneers in the Corporate Recreation and Team Building industry.  We created VolunTEAMism to provide interactive experiences that connect all people towards a cause.   Projects include Backyard "fun" for a family, "Food Sculptures" for the hungry or "Garden Boxes" for healthy living.    Our programs can be adapted to your time schedule and can be developed at a specific location or brought right to your company or resort location. 

Compete for A Cause


Do you have a team that likes to compete and would want to also benefit a cause.  We offer a variety of competition events that benefit causes OUR causes including you activity scholarships, after school programs and recreation education for income challenge families.  We allocate a portion of the fees, 10-25% that will assist in quality recreation experiences for at risk youth.  We offer three programs to include Cornhole, Cooking or Chasing for a Cause.

Why Volunteer Workshops


Our Life - Leisure, or Work-Life Balance programs have a session on "why volunteer or serve".  We tailor the session to your group and be a stand alone or paired with one of our programs.  We teach mission of GIVE TO WIN as a healthy lifestyle choice for people to look forward to as part of their spiritual, physical and emotional lifestyle.  We define serving as an ongoing  commitment while volunteering requires less time consuming for stretched schedule!  The walk away is "look forward" to serving or volunteering. 

Our Causes


After school Community Programs

Our "food" programs are donated to after school community initiatives that combine recreation and education for youth.  Successful education depends on healthy children and providing after school nutrition while studying and playing will help students, parents and educators. 


Scholarships for Youth

Many children have the talent to succeed in sports, arts and music but don't have the means to participate in quality programs.  Our Scholarship program provides funds to individuals recommended because of their emerging talent to go the the next level of development.  Our Founder Todd Davis has a 40 plus year career in Recreation and currently teaches Recreation in College to future professionals. 


Veteran Opportunities

Recreation is our theme and we reach out to assist organizations that provide recreational activities and experiences for those who have served.  Our projects can benefit through Food & Fun program for all ages.

Volunteamism experiences

The Amazing Chase


We have the place for the chase in Scottsdale, AZ or we can bring one to your location.  Teams compete for points that convert to cash for our scholarship program.  We can build the program to also support "your" cause of choice.

Cornhole For A Cause


We offer a great Tailgate Party challenge for your corporate outing or meeting event.  Besides Corn Hole we can add Kan Jam to create a unique team experience.  Other add social activities for your group  include Ladder Ball, Jenga and more

Cook for A Cause


Compete in a Chef Challenge and we will donate all the supplies used to a local shelter for apartments and housing.   Experience a Salsa or Chili Challenge or the full Iron Chef. 

The Food Sculpture Competition


A favorite of our clients as they take the food donation project to the next level and create an artistic theme for judging.  We combine three small groups of 7-8 people into one overall design as they collaborate  together to stack, build, decorate and sell the judges on why they should win the top award.  Afterwards teams pack up the goods, carry to the truck and off we take it the after school program or food bank. 

The Fun "backyard" Build It


A staff favorite as your group splits up into three smaller teams to build a picnic table, barbecue, play -set or more based on your budget.  We will coordinate with an organization from low income to military  to bring families to receive the gifts. 

Build A Bike


Be fit and fun is our theme as we provide youth or adults with bikes.  Your group can choose from basic bikes for kids or a nicer ride for urban transportation for adults.  We find the right recipients from area recreation centers or veteran back to work groups!

Build A Golf Course


Get ready for your next great team building where groups will design a golf course with products to include grass, pipes and the best yet "food".  Once completed they will have a tournament while rotating through other team designs.  Awards for top design and top scoring team!  Better yet all food product goes towards the "cause".

Build A Garden Planter


This project requires building a portable planter for a school or community food bank  Using wood and supplies teams will assemble and donate to the cause.  If we do the event at the location where the planters will stay, we can fill and plant them.  The project can be brought to your group at a company or Resort location and then transferred as needed. 

Collaborate for A Cause


A favorite creative problem solving is our "egg collaboration eggercise.  Teams must design and canstruct their device that will then deliver raw eggs in a set time without breaking them. (we hope)  With our VolunTEAMism we provide food product to go into the structure which is then donated to the local food distribution center of choice.

Golf For A Cause


For just $15 extra per person added to your Top Golf or Tournament outing you can provide 50-75 meals.  We will coordinate this event with your to make the experience a "hole in one" for both the participants and the host sponsor.  Our staff can add some fun challenges to any event to make it more engaging and interesting.  A flat fee is charged to manage this experience. 

Run or Walk for A Cause


We can exist your current fitness activity with a charity of choice or put together a walk or run to benefit a cause.  Just $15 per participant will provide 50-75 meals for those in need.  Our team can coordinate the entire experience which includes site layout, run management and charity coordination.  We are happy to work with your run coordinators to engage the group towards the cause for your special event. 

Service Workshops


Out of Time but you still want to Volunteer or Serve?  Stressed about serving yet you enjoy it?  This workshop will assist your participants in the value of volunteering in their free time, or serving as a lifestyle.  Our program will help your leadership team develop a better style to engage and equip volunteers to be successful and enjoy the process.